Empty windows

This particular train of thought popped up a few times while working: while considering what to put on the most recently made canvases, while drawing on the same, while working out color palettes for them, and most recently while writing about Jim Darlings airplane window paintings.

Windows say volumes about a location. I knew this was true about objects and the places in which they ‘belong’ (most specifically chairs thanks to Every Frame a Painting) but I have never thought of a window as an ‘object’. They always have the feel of something other, something that is neither here nor there (in part drawing from much dissertation research). That’s especially true with art that depicts windows. But it’s not just what is seen through the window that carries meaning but the window itself.

As I was thinking through the spaces I wanted to portray, I found the shape of the window to be much clearer in my mind than anything seen through it. The bars across, the curtains/blinds that clothe it, the shape of the corner, and the space from the next all paint a story of their own.

Here’s an example of train, plane, and coach window sketches on my recent experiments.




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