Mile high Perspective

One problem I have with art that deals with travel is it’s usually extremely idealized. Jim Darling’s series of paintings from the airplane window exemplifies this.

I love these paintings, I really do. From their style and color to the window built to frame them, I enjoy staring at them for long periods of time. But they are deceptive as to the true nature of travel. Of course his intent may be the utopia of plane travel, but I’m too much of a realist in art, politics, philosophy and etc. If I were making (or re-making) these the window would be less perfectly white and much more dingy. There would be clouds intruding on the nice views (especially flying over Chicago). Lastly the colors outside would hopefully reflect more of a desire to be off the crowded plane and down amongst the nice cityscape instead of content to sit above it all. But that’s just me.




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