Memory, Place, and Paint

Memory always seems intertwined with dream in painting. I just want to briefly touch on a few paintings currently influencing my thought process in similar ways.

Daybreak Paco Pomet-

The colors in this one remind me of Giorgio de Chirico’s timeless and placeless skies, but with a more realist than surrealist attitude.


The Edge of Reality Eric Roux-Fontaine-

This one is defiantly on the more dream-like side of the spectrum. It’s delicate in use of color while maintaining a sense of timelessness and placelessness.


Migration, Mapping a Galaxy, and Memory Palace Joshua Flint-

I’m never sure where I stand with Flint’s work. It’s narrative but also wonderfully ambiguous as to each image’s origin.  The statement on his website reflects some of the things I’ve been trying to achieve:

“The paintings fluctuate between the familiar and the unknown while simultaneously including the past and present…That ambiguity, between the seen and unseen, between the real and the imaginary, is where my paintings live.”- excerpt from the artist statement on Flint’s website


Oregon Ladder (study), Someday Again, and Library by the Sea Jeremy Miranda-

Similar to Flint, Jeremy Miranda’s work occupies very liminal spaces, between places of dream and memory.




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