The City & The City

The City & The City by China Miéville was suggested to me on the basis of my work a few weeks ago. Although I’ve not had the time to get more than a chapter or two into the book, the premise intrigues me. Playing with the idea from theoretical physics that more than one object can occupy the same physical space, the two cities of this book and their inhabitants occupy the same space physical space as each other.

My work in part entails the idea of multiple experiences occupying a single memory, similar to the cities occupying the same physical space. But within the book the inhabitants of each city are required to never the presence of one another. Should my work do the same? It is aloud to acknowledge that the singular moments are incomplete or that they are an amalgamation of pieces?

And why am I always left with more questions than answers?



Finished the book, and would highly recommend to to anyone who, like myself, enjoys Orwellian literature and the like. No additional revelations in relation to my work since only the mise-en-scène had any helpful insights. There was however the curious question about what exists between the two places, but to say more might spoil something for any potential readers, so I shall say no more on the subject.



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