Left with the Shape of Things

What is the goal with my current series of paintings? Honestly, I didn’t know myself what it might be until not so long ago.  It’s one of those aspects prefer not to think on. What will people think about this?  If they are only left with a single thing, what do I think most important to that end? Answers in art tend to be fairly ambiguous unless you’re dealing with some type of specific political, social, economic, or societal viewpoint the artist wants to introduce/draw attention to/persuade people of… which I try to avoid for the most part.

What/Who do I want to affect?

Well, I suppose the hope is that people first encounter the work interesting enough to engage with. Subsequently that they would relate with the subject matter and question their own liminal places after encountering a few of mine. There’s no over arching meta-narrative. I instead seek to impart the questions that I’ve been resulting with into others, not out of a pursuit of answers but to pursue better questions.

What do I hope the viewer will be left with?

The pieces I’ve painted deal more with the memory of the shape of things rather than the objects or places themselves. I think that the one of the bus portrays this the most obviously. In the same way my memories are more of the shapes of places/objects, I expect that those who remember my work  will first think of the shape of the canvases.

In a weird way they’re left with the memory of the shape of the memory of the shape of something.


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